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The purpose of the CDOT Right of Way Manual is to provide guidance in all phases of acquiring, managing and disposing of real property. It is based on federal and state statutes, rules, policies, and procedures related to the real estate, condemnation, and relocation. The ROW Manual is an online document accessible via the internet. Each chapter and their related documents are posted and maintained on this site independent of each. Updates may be posted at any time.

Chapter 1 - General

The Right of Way program is responsible for ensuring statewide consistency for all ROW functions.

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Chapter 2 - ROW Plans

The purpose of this chapter is to instruct the new employee, provide a review and reference for the experienced employee, and to promote uniformity and continuity of ROW Plans prepared by CDOT Regions, consulting Engineering and Land Surveying companies.

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Chapter 3 - Appraisal

This manual sets out CDOT policies and procedures when appraising for eminent domain purposes. Policies and procedures comply with FHWA, State of Colorado, and CDOT requirements.

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Chapter 4 - Acquisition

The manual has been developed to provide information and be a reference for those responsible for the assignment of completing the acquisition on a typical right of way project.

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Chapter 5 - Relocation

The purpose of this manual is to outline policies, procedures, and to establish authority for the Right of Way Relocation Assistance Program to be followed when providing relocation assistance to facilitate the construction of public improvements.

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Chapter 7 - Property Management

The purpose of this manual is to clarify the existing statutes, rules, policies, and procedures related to the Property Management Program.

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Chapter 8 - Local Public Agencies

The purpose of this chapter is to provide Local Public Agencies (LPAs) with the basic understanding of Right of Way (ROW) procedures for locally sponsored Federal-aid transportation projects.

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Chapter 9 - Functional Replacement

The purpose of this chapter is to provide procedures of functional replacement of real property in public ownership.

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Chapter 10 - Settlements

This section provides guidance on administrative settlement as an alternative to judicial resolution of a difference of opinion on the value of a property, in order to avoid unnecessary litigation and congestion in the courts.

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Chapter 11 - State and Federal Lands Acquisitions

This chapter will assist in defining the procedures necessary for acquisition of property rights for highway construction over property that is owned by the Federal Government and other agencies of the State of Colorado.

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Supplemental Information

The following information is provided as a supplement to the ROW Manual.

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Manual Contact

For Right of Way Manual comments, please contact Christine Rees.

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