Survey 2021

The purpose of the CDOT Survey Manual is to define the minimum specifications that shall be followed while performing surveys for CDOT in order to secure an optimum degree of statewide uniformity, to establish and maintain survey standards, and to improve the overall efficiency of CDOT’s survey functions. This manual is not intended as a textbook on surveying, rather it provides a reference source for statewide surveying policies, procedures, and information. The Survey Manual is an online document accessible via the internet. Each chapter and their related documents are posted independently. Updates may be posted at any time. CHAPTER 9 INROADS IS FOR OLDER VERSIONS OF MICROSTATION. PLEASE SEE: FOR THE LATEST RESOURCES AVAILABLE FOR OPEN ROADS DESIGNER.
Chapter 1 - General Fall 2021

The history of CDOT’s Survey Manual is easily traced back to the 1960s. This Chapter has been updated to include hyperlinks from the Table of Contents and supporting documents for use by the Surveyors working on Colorado transportation corridors under the oversight of CDOT.

Chapter 4 - Aerial Surveys Fall 2021

CDOT contracts with consultants for surveys using manned aircraft and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for photogrammetry and mapping. The Scope of Work for the Project and the Region PLS-II, determines who will perform part or all of the survey for a project. CDOT relies upon the expertise and experience of the aerial mapping consultants to provide guidance and products that will meet or exceed the accuracy requirements of the project

Chapter 6 - Construction Surveys 2022

Construction surveying must be given special consideration to assure that cost efficient and expedient methods are used, and appropriate accuracy and tolerances are maintained

Chapter 8 - Resources

The purpose of this chapter is to provide the surveyor with an easy to use resource of information that will enable the user of this manual to reduce her/his library of reference material needed in the field...

Survey Forms and Documents

The section provides access to forms and documents such as Permission to Enter Property forms, preliminary survey scope and presurvey construction forms, etc...

Supplemental Information

The section is provided to offer supplemental information on Calibrated Baselines and disclaimers