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Thank you for your interest in pilot car operations in the State of Colorado.  Pilot car operators are required to be certified.  Colorado uses a third party instructor, RSA Network, Inc, to conduct the pilot escort certification classes.  The class schedules can be found at:  In addition, Colorado accepts certifications from Arizona, Florida, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Utah, Washington and the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association.  (Below please find the contact information for these states.)

To pilot escort in Colorado, you must have the following documents (electronic copies are acceptable) – contact our office to request items 2-5:

Pilot Escort Certification Rule - See Chapter 5
The rules pertaining to the requirements for pilot escort operations are located within the Rules and Regulations of the Colorado Department of Transportation Pertaining to Transport Permits for the Movement of Extra-Legal Vehicles or Loads (2 C.C.R. 601-4)

Do pilot car operators in Colorado need to be certified?
Yes, you will need to complete the pilot escort course. Effective August 1, 2007, the pilot escorts must carry a minimum of $1,000,000 of either Commercial Liability or Combined Single Limit insurance - policy must indicate the coverage is for the pilot escort operations. Your driving record must be clear of any conviction of drug or alcohol related offenses and has not had a single moving violation penalty assessment of six points or more. 

Pilot Escort Certification - Third Party Instructor Information

Application documentation for Third Party Instructor's certification must be sent to:

Colorado Dept. of Transportation
Extra-Legal Permit Office
4201 E Arkansas Ave Suite 124
Denver CO 80222 (303) 757-9712


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