Vendor Events

Day at the DOT, Procurement Open House

CDOT's Center for Procurement and Contracts Services, Connect2DOT, and the Colorado Minority Business Office partner together to find ways to connect vendors and buyers within CDOT.  The Day at the DOT event is an open house where vendors can meet employees at CDOT and learn how their goods and services may be used at CDOT.  

View the 2020 Day at the DOT (Virtual Event) - Select the link to view workshops and CDOT video introductions.

Other Vendor Opportunities with CDOT

Opportunity Description Next Opportunity
Industry Days CDOT will feature Departments and Divisions within CDOT for vendors to learn of CDOT's needs and identify opportunities to work with CDOT.  To be announced
Vendor Days Vendors who have been awarded through a Cooperative Agreement will provide training to CDOT.   State Price Agreement Week, State Purchasing & Contracts Office 10/10-10/14
Other Training Opportunities Targeted workshops for vendors to learn how to work with CDOT. To be announced

Advance Colorado Procurement Expo

Every year the State Purchasing & Contracts Office, Colorado Department of Personnel & Administration, the Minority Business Office, Colorado Governor's Office of Economic Development and International Trade, and the Center for Procurement and Contract Services, Colorado Department of Transportation, organize this event where buyers and sellers are able to connect.  This event offers a trade show and one-on-ones for vendors to meet face-to-face with buyer agencies. 

2023 Advance Colorado Procurement Expo

2023 Advance Colorado Procurement Expo.

2022 Virtual Event - Select the link to view exhibit areas and workshops.

2021 Digital Program - Select the link to view exhibitors from the 2021 Expo and see other helpful information.

This page will be updated with opportunities as they become available.  Contact David Musgrave for further information.

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