Payment Setup

Information on Receiving Payments from CDOT

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How do I get set up as a vendor to receive payments from CDOT?

Once your company has received an award, CDOT requires certain forms to be completed and submitted in order to receive payments.

Your business must be registered and in good standing with the Colorado Secretary of State (see link below).   

A completed W9 needs to be submitted to CDOT following these guidelines:

  • Use the IRS W-9 Form below, to complete, sign and date the IRS W-9 Form (substitute W-9 Forms are not accepted).
  • The name entered on the first line of the IRS Form W-9 and the Tax ID Number (TIN) must be registered with the IRS (NOTE: these will be submitted for TIN matching on the IRS TIN Matching website)
  • The name on the first line of the IRS Form W-9 must match the name registered with the State of Colorado Secretary of State (i.e., if the business is registered with an LLC in the name, it must be included on the IRS Form W-9) 
  • Acceptable signature on the IRS Form W-9 is a wet signature or a Certified/Digital Adobe DC electronic signature (see attachment below for instructions on adding an electronic signature)
  • The date on the form must be within the last 12 months
  • Include a contact name, email address, and phone number in your request.
  • Send your completed forms with contact information to [email protected].
  • You will receive an email notification that your information has been accepted and your vendor account has been created.

How do I get paid by CDOT?

You may receive a check or electronic payments.  For check payments, you do not need to send additional information.  If you would like to receive electronic payments, follow these steps:

  • Complete and return the Electronic Payment General Authorization form (only handwritten dates and signatures will be considered valid) to [email protected]
  • Return a voided check or bank letter validating the bank routing and account number (required).
  • You will receive an email notification that your information has been accepted and your banking information has been updated.

How do I check payment status?

  • Subcontractors looking for payment status should check with the prime contractor they are working with.
  • CDOT Project Managers should have the status of payment information for CDOT-related business.  Purchase orders have the contact name and information of the Program Managers and Purchasing Agents you may contact for payment status information.

Required forms for submission and further instructions and helpful links: