Architectural Engineering Services

The State Buildings Programs (SBP) operates under the authority of State Statute, §24-30-1300, C.R.S. The CDOT Property Management Section's Architect is delegated the authority to administer this program for the Department.

This delegated authority is for those buildings which are constructed with public funds and state employees are housed or have office space in the buildings. A Policies and Procedures Manual is published by the State and followed by CDOT. This program is a Turn-Key Operation for CDOT building projects, from consultant selection through final close-out of the project and 6 and 11 month warranty inspections.

As the State Buildings Program delegate, we are responsible for the review and coordination of plans, contractual procedures as they relate to the construction and management of our buildings, and the construction, renovation, and maintenance of all CDOT owned buildings. Listed below are the associated services provided by the Property Management staff:

  • State buildings that house employees
  • Contracting of architectural services
  • Contracting of engineering services
  • Contracting of construction services
  • Contracting of code review services
  • Review and approval of associated bills
  • Project monitoring

Downloadable Forms

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Final Structural Trades Regional Building Compliance A decision flowchart for region building compliance and information on project timeframes and contacts