Right of Way Clearance Service


The right of way acquisition phase of a project includes the clearance of the acquired right of way. This not only infers the vacation of structures, but also the removal of all improvements (utilities, wells, etc.), and any hazardous wastes, that are in the way of constructing the highway project.

Disposing of acquired improvements may be considered a right of way item when the clearing is performed separately from the contract for the physical highway construction. It may be more expedient to contract for right-of-way clearance separately from the construction contract because of the size of the project, the large number of improvements to be removed, and the length of time between the acquisition of the improvements and the beginning of construction of the project.

An asbestos inspection shall be conducted on all buildings prior to sale or demolition of the building. The inspector will advise the Department through a written report of what materials are asbestos containing materials (ACM) that need to be abated . If abatement is required, an abatement contractor will be hired to accomplish the abatement and, following a post abatement inspection by the asbestos inspector, a Demolition Notification and certification that the materials which must be abated prior to demolition have been properly abated.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment requires that a Demolition Notification be submitted to the Colorado Department of Health and Environment at least 10 business days prior to demolition of ANY building, load bearing wall within a building, and on interior demolition for renovation projects (in commercial buildings or public buildings/facilities) where 260 linear feet of material on pipes and/or 160 square feet of ACM materials on other surfaces will be disturbed during renovation in public or commercial facilities/buildings.

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