ROW Manual - Property Management

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Chapter 7 of the Right-of-Way Manual clarifies existing statutes, rules, policies, and procedures related to the CDOT Property Management Program. The manual also establishes uniform procedures for each of the property management activities and their implementation to create an effective program.

Federal regulations for the Property Management function are found in 23 CFR Part 710. These regulations prescribe FHWA policies and procedures for the management of real property acquired in connection with Federal-aid highway projects. The policies in 23 CFR Part 710 apply to the State and all political subdivisions that manage real property acquired for any highway or highway related project in which Federal funds are used in any of the right-of-way costs of the project.

The acquiring agency is responsible for the preservation of improvements and for reasonable safety measures relative to the preservation of the acquired property and protection of lawful occupants when the agency has acquired ownership and possession of property.

View the Property Management section of the Right of Way Manual

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