FAST Act Performance Data

National Performance Measures

Under the latest Federal transportation funding authorization bill, the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act in 2015 required each state to set targets for and report on the progress of performance metrics related to the surface transportation system of the U.S. Under this legislation, new national performance data has been established to give decision makers on a federal level an indication of the condition and operation of the National Highway System (NHS).

This data was divided into four main goal areas, including:

  1. Safety (targets reported yearly)
  2. Infrastructure Condition (targets reported biennially)
  3. System Performance (targets reported biennially)
  4. Transit (targets reported yearly)

In addition to reporting about this data, FAST requires states to produce plans related to Asset Management, Transit Asset Management, and Freight Movement in the state. These metrics and plans have helped inform CDOT’s Your Transportation Priorities long range plan, a vision for transportation in Colorado.


Use the links below to explore the current statewide transportation plan and other plans working towards achieving a vision of transportation in Colorado that is safe, reliable and reduces environmental impact. Additionally, explore how Colorado is doing in relation to the national performance measures required under the FAST Act.

  1. Your Transportation Priorities
  2. Risk-Based Asset Management Plan
  3. Statewide Transit Asset Management Plan
  4. Colorado Freight Plan
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