RAMP Local Match Questions

Non-Federal Proportional Contributions (referred to as local match in the criteria and pre-application)

For purposes of the RAMP program, the requirement referring to "local match" in previous RAMP information and the applications is referred to as " local proportional contribution" below, so as not to be confused with the local match requirements on federal grants.  Please see the questions and answers below regarding RAMP proportional contributions.

Q. Is the local proportional contribution figured on the RAMP requested funding or the total project cost?

The local proportional contribution is a targeted 20% of the total project cost.

Q. Does the local proportional contribution need to be provided up front?

Local proportional contribution can come up front or be spread throughout the duration of the project, but must be documented in the detailed application with a letter of financial commitment.  However, CDOT is considering options that may allow a State Infrastructure Bank (SIB) like loan to a local entity that could be paid back over a few years to better enable local entities to provide a project proportional contribution.

Q. What is the process to be followed in requesting State Infrastructure Bank (SIB) funds as local proportional contribution?

Information on the SIB, including an application, is available on the CDOT website at http://www.coloradodot.info/business/budget/colorado-state-infrastructure-bank-co-sib.html. An SIB loan would be considered a cash proportional contribution.

Q. What types of non-federal local proportional contribution will be allowed?

The type of local proportional contribution will be considered in the evaluation, and cash is preferred over non-cash/in-kind. If non-cash/in-kind is proposed, CDOT will evaluate the value.  Examples could include ROW, design costs, materials with value to the project, or other items that reduce projects costs that CDOT would have incurred.  Please note that although these non-cash/in-kind contributions may be proposed on a RAMP project, they may not be eligible as local match to federal dollars unless approved by FHWA.  Therefore, cash contributions are preferred

Q. Can an applicant use as proportional contribution the local funds used for design that was completed prior to the awarding of RAMP funds?

If the design is for the proposed project (and not for a project that has been closed), it could be considered as in-kind.  CDOT would need to value the contribution. However, as noted above, cash is preferable for the proportional contribution.  If the design did not have prior approval from FHWA as in-kind match, it is not likely to be eligible as a local match to federal dollars and therefore is less preferable than cash.

Q. Can 100% of the proportional contribution be in-kind?

Yes, although for the reasons noted above, cash is preferred.

Q. Can federal dollars other than STP-M, CMAQ, or TAP be used as local proportional contribution?

Federal transportation funds, including STP-M, CMAQ, TAP, or other federal transportation funds cannot be used for the local proportional contribution.  Federal funds from non-transportation sources can be used as local proportional contribution for RAMP projects. (It should be noted that federal transportation funds can be used for the project, but are not considered as local proportional contribution for RAMP purposes.)

Can previous projects be reconsidered for RAMP funds?

If an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) has been executed or there is a local government committing funding in a resolution, then funding for the project has already been identified and so it is not RAMP eligible.  The intent is to leverage funds for projects which did not have funding previously identified.