RAMP Pre-Application Form Instructions

Instructions and Guidelines for RAMP Pre-Application Form

CDOT has launched the RAMP program to expedite the implementation of projects and solicit partnerships in transportation solutions. The information provided in this pre-application will be used to determine initial basic eligibility under the program.  This is the first step in a two-step application process.  As part of this first step, applications will be evaluated to determine eligibility.  Eligible projects will then go on to the second phase of the process which will require providing additional detailed information in another application.

The following information, instructions and guidelines will help you to complete the Pre-Application form:

  1. Before you start to fill the Pre-Application form, please read the RAMP Project criteria.
  2. Please fill out the Pre-Application form carefully, and submit it to CDOT region where the project is located.
  3. If you need any clarification on the Pre-Application form, please contact the region, Operations office, or HPTE office.
  4. Please consult CDOT experts within the region, if you require technical assistance, data, and/or other information to complete the Pre-Application form.
  5. Please complete the Pre-Application form and provide as much information as possible. The decision will depend on the information provided.
  6. Incomplete application may not be considered.
  7. The deadline for submission is May 1st, 2013.