Inspection Coding Guide

The CDOT Pontis Bridge Inspection Coding Guide supplements the AASHTO Guide for Commonly Recognized (CoRe) Structural Elements with clarifying information and additional elements unique to Colorado bridges and structures. If conflicts occur between the guides, the AASHTO guide governs. PONTIS was an AASHTOWare program for bridge asset management and inspection that was once used by CDOT. The Colorado Structure Element Level Coding Guide was prepared to enhance consistency and data accuracy while performing bridge and culvert structure inventory and inspections. The specifications and procedures in this manual are intended to complement and further define the material presented in the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Manual for Bridge Element Inspection (MBEI), 2nd Edition and to incorporate CDOT specific policies and procedures related to bridge element level data collection and condition coding. This manual fully incorporates the AASHTO MBEI and includes additional information and modifications pertinent to CDOT policies