Fabrication Inspection Quality Assurance Procedures

Quality Assurance Procedures (QAP)
Title Type
QAP 5900 - Structural Steel Quality Assurance Program - Bridges File
QAP 5910 - Visual Test Procedure of Bridge Weldments File
QAP 5915 - Visual Test Procedure of Base Metal Discontinuities File
QAP 5916 - Visual Inspection of Joint Fit-Up File
QAP 5920 - Visual Inspection of Bolted Joints File
QAP 5924 - Rotational Capacity Test of Bolt Fastener Assemblies With Lengths Shorter Than 2 - 3/4 Inch File
QAP 5925 - Rotational Capacity Test of Bolt Fastener Assemblies With Lengths 2 - 3/4 Inches and Longer File
QAP 5926 - Installation/Verification Test of Bolt Assemblies File
QAP 5930 - Magnetic Particle Inspection Procedure; Continuous Yolk, Dry, Visible Particles File
QAP 5940 - Qualification of Liquid Penetrant Inspection Procedures and Material Sensitivity Tests File
QAP 5942 - Procedure for Fabrication of Liquid Penetrant Control Specimen File
QAP 5945 - Liquid Penetrant Inspection Procedure File
QAP 5950 - Procedure for Determining the Characteristics of an Ultrasonic Search Unit File
QAP 5951 - Ultrasonic Inspection Procedure for Butt Welds Using Structural Carbon Steel or High-Strength Low-Alloy Structural Steel for Welding File
QAP 5952 - Ultrasonic Procedure for Testing Welds Which Incorporated Permanent Back-Up Bars File
QAP 5953 - Ultrasonic Inspection Procedure for Complete Joint Penetration (CJP) Welds in a T-Joint File
QAP 5957 - Ultrasonic Inspection Procedure for Bridge Pins File
QAP 5960 - Superficial Hardness of Metallic Materials Using a Portable Hardness Testing Device File