Bridge Project Support, Load Ratings & Overloads

The Bridge Project Support, Load Ratings, and Overloads Unit is responsible for:
  • Developing, publishing, and maintaining the Department’s structural design policies and Standards (Bridge Design Manual, Bridge Rating Manual, Bridge Detailing Manual, Structural Worksheets and Construction Specifications)
  • Developing Colorado Professional Engineer (PE) certified structure plans and specifications
  • Evaluating and load rating existing bridge or culvert structures
  • Recommending load posting when warranted by the load rating
  • Processing over-weight vehicle requests submitted by the Commercial Vehicle Permits office
  • Providing the Branch with consultant structural engineering NPS contracts
  • Assessing new products, materials, software, and engineering design practices for implementation into the Departments’ structural design policies and standards
  • Providing construction assistance
  • Conducting quality assurance reviews of structural engineering and detailing work performed by others

A super load transporting a transformer on I-70 near Frisco