Strategic Highway Safety

CDOT's 2015-2019 Strategic Highway Safety Plan

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Colorado has made tremendous progress in reducing the deaths and preventable injuries caused by traffic crashes. From 2002 to 2012, traffic-related fatalities in Colorado dropped 36 percent, and serious injuries declined 35 percent.

This is a remarkable achievement considering the continued growth in the state with new residents, businesses and visitors joining the millions that travel Colorado roads and highways each year to enjoy our beautiful surroundings. Hundreds of safety professionals from every corner of the state collaborated to develop a Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) to keep Colorado Moving Toward Zero Deaths. Colorado is ready to meet this challenge.

Moving Toward Zero Deaths is not just a slogan; it is a realistic movement that recognizes the objective for every individual, every family and every community should be zero deaths on Colorado's transportation network. Roadway users, motorists and non-motorists alike expect that they are going to arrive at their destinations safely. Nobody expects to be involved in a crash, for example, when they get in their car, or walk or bike to work.

This document represents our collective aspiration to make travel in Colorado as safe as possible by reducing crashes and injuries, and Moving Colorado Toward Zero Deaths.

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