Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ)

CMAQ - Congestion mitigation and air quallity improvement program is designed to assist nonattainment and maintenance areas in attaining the national ambient air qualilty standards by funding transportation projects and programs that will imporve air quality.

FHWA CMAQ Program Info

CMAQ Annual Reports to Present

2007-2008 Annual Report

2006 Annual Report

2005 Annual Report

2004 Annual Report

2003 Annual Report

2002 Annual Report

For questions about current Transportation Demand Management (TDM) CMAQ contracts, please contact Adam Rolstad at 303-757-9997 or

For more information about reporting CMAQ project benefits contact:

Marissa Robinson
4201 E. Arkansas Avenue, Shumate Bldg
Denver, CO 80222


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