About CDOT’s Division of Maintenance & Operations

Department of Transportation Division of Maintenance and Operations, We do a lot more than you think graphic

There are no typical days for CDOT's Division of Maintenance and Operations and the scenery changes often!

Our Vision

The vision of the Division of Maintenance & Operations (DMO) is to create one integrated division. The division focus is on real-time maintenance and operations services, as well as near-term improvement projects. We can best support the crucial work of our five CDOT regions. Our support helps to provide the optimal service and safety for the traveling public in Colorado.

Team DMO

Being a part of Team DMO is no ordinary experience. Our scenery changes often and our office is the great outdoors. What we do is tough work. It's gritty. For those who have what it takes, being a part of Team DMO is bound to create some of the best and most rewarding experiences of your life. You will have a hand in saving lives and making people's lives better. 

Our Team is filled with people who are not afraid to make decisions and are courageous and resilient enough to find their own way. To us, good enough isn't "good enough." CDOT's Team DMO is known for advancing and developing the latest and greatest technologies and being trailblazers for other states to promote efficiency and effectiveness. Have what it takes to join our team? Click here for available career oportunities

Crews installing a barrier on the road

Here are just some of the operations we do (among many, many others):

Snowfighters and DMO crew

  • Highway Maintenance Operations
  • Maintenance Asset Management
  • Maintenance Engineering
  • Heavy Equipment Operations
  • Winter Maintenance Operations
  • Avalanche Hazard Reduction Operations
  • Vegetation Management
  • Geohazard Mitigation Operations
  • Soil Stabilization Operations
  • Active Traffic Management
  • Office of Emergency Management
  • Traffic Signal Management
  • Fleet Management

  • Maintenance Training Academy
  • Tunnel Complex Operations
  • High Mountain Pass Operations
  • Firefighting (wildland and tunnel structures)
  • Fiber Optics Management
  • Pavement Repair and Preservation
  • Sign Installation and Maintenance Operations
  • Transportation Technology Maintenance
  • Rest Area Management
  • Realtime Operations

"As an auto mechanic, the idea of joining Team CDOT was intimidating since I didn't have a highway maintenance background. However, as a mechanic, you have to know how to find solutions for unknown scenarios, which is exactly what you have to do in highway maintenance as well. The challenge of the job is what ultimately led me to apply for a job with CDOT. Every day is different. There is never a day that we face where we have the exact same conditions that we did the day prior. When I started CDOT, I never thought I would be where I am today. There are many opportunities within CDOT to learn and grow in your career and sometimes you're able to create those opportunities for yourself to achieve what you hope to achieve in your career." -Kyle Cordova, Trainer for the Maintenance Training Academy

Years with CDOT: 10

Age when hired: 23

kyle c.jpg

Kyle Cordova conducting inspections out in the field.

Kyle's Career Path

Temporary Highway Maintainer LogoMakr-21nyy6.png

Maintained I-70 in the Morrison area.

Temporary Paint Crew LogoMakr-21nyy6.png

Conducted striping operations in the Denver metro area.

Sign Crew LogoMakr-21nyy6.png

Maintained signs in the Denver metro area.

Highway Transportation Specialist LogoMakr-21nyy6.png

Maintained Highway 74 in Evergreen.

Lead Highway Transportation Specialist LogoMakr-21nyy6.png

Maintained the I-70 Mountain Corridor from Morrison to Evergreen and was a part of the Avalanche Mitigation Team.


Facilitates curriculums and assists with multiple training programs designed to help maintainers excel in their careers as well as help aspiring Heavy Equipment Operators get their CDL's through CDOT's Maintenance Training Academy program.

Work that Matters

Our maintenance and engineering forces are driven by people, new technologies, adrenaline and a higher purpose to make people’s lives better and even save lives. CDOT offers meaningful careers, opportunities for promotion, professional development, competitive pay, great benefits and statewide locations.

We offer a professional work environment with the opportunity for growth and development in your chosen career. Check out career opportunities on our Employment page.