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CDOT Roadside Assistance Program
Dec. 16, 2016
From: Thomas R. Raynes
Executive Director
Colorado District Attorneys Council

"I just want to give a shout out to one of your contract employees in the roadside assistance program. I had a rear tire blow out while doing about 65-70 mph last night at 5:20 p.m. on I-25 southbound just north of the I-225 exit in an older model small BMW. I had to get across three lanes on a shredded tire and just made it to the very narrow shoulder.

"I called AAA, and they said it would be 1 ½ hours. Within 10 minutes of pulling over, one of your roadside assistant guys pulled up behind me. He helped get [me] safely out of the driver side as we only had about two feet between my car and the roadway at the height of rush hour. He had me sit in his truck while he called in another one of your folks. It only took about 15 minutes before the next guy showed up. These two guys then positioned their trucks to create a safe zone, and quickly changed my tire and had me on my way.

"Tom Gamble is the guy who was just tremendous and deserves recognition. He was one of the friendliest most helpful and genuinely decent guys I have encountered in quite awhile. This is a great program and Gamble is the poster child for what CDOT would want for this program —outstanding!"

Courtesy Patrol Compliment
April 6, 2016
From: Major Tim Keeton
Colorado State Patrol
District 3 Commander

"I want to thank all involved for making this happen. San and Johnny, I know you both worked very closely in making this a reality, and Kevin and Kriss, I know you both strive hard to manage them to a workable entity up north. Here is a great example of it now paying dividends! Job well done!"

Courtesy Patrol Compliment
April 4, 2016
From: Sgt. Rich Armstrong
Colorado State Patrol
Troop 3C

"We had a crash this afternoon that was jacking up traffic. The crash was on the offramp from n/b 25 to Harmony. Lawrence from the Courtesy Patrol showed up within 5 minutes of Kissler and I. I had him hook onto vehicle 1 and we had the ramp open in about 15 minutes. The crash involved a fire and was quite a fiasco, so I-25 was messed up. Lawrence very quickly had everything hooked and we moved our operation over to the Costco parking lot. Choice towing met us at Costco to tow vehicle 1."