Express Lanes Testimonials

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"On some days, my commute is the most relaxing and restful portion... ."
—Michael Leccese

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"There is no better—faster, economical and convenient—way to travel between Denver and Boulder... ."
—John Tayer

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roundcariconExpress Lanes increase roadway capacity, and help manage congestion on the highways. More...

Chat Messages 11Improving roadways is critical to meeting the transportation needs of Colorado, one of the top five fastest growing states in the country.


LanesUsing Express Lanes is easy and provides travelers more reliable, predictable travel times. Travelers are never forced to pay a toll.


greencheckmarkExpress Lanes have new rules that will affect drivers who choose to use them. More...
US 36 Express Lanes
US 36:
Denver to Boulder (open)
C-470 Express Lanes
I-25 to Wadsworth Boulevard
Central 70 Express Lanes
Central 70:
I-25 to Chambers Road
I-70 Mountain Express Lanes
I-70 Mountain Corridor:
Idaho Springs to Empire (open)
Passes are available now.
The stats are in: Express Lanes are moving people faster in peak travel times. See the numbers:
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