CDOT/HPTE Acronyms

A - B

- A -

AASHTO          American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

ACEC              American Consulting Engineers Council

ADA                Americans with Disabilities Act

ARRA              American Recovery and Reinvestment Act


- B -

BMP                Best Management Practice


C - D

- C -

CADD               Computer Aided Design and Drafting

CatEx               Categorical Exclusion

CCA                 Colorado Contractors Association

CDOT               Colorado Department of Transportation

CDPHE              Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

CE                   Construction Engineering

CFR                 Code of Federal Regulations

CRS                 Colorado Revised Statutes, as amended


- D -

DBE                 Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

DRCOG            Denver Regional Council of Governments

DTD                Division of Transportation Development (CDOT)


E - G

- E -

EA                   Environmental Assessment

EEO                 Equal Employment Opportunity

EIS                  Environmental Impact Statement

EPA                 Environmental Protection Agency


- F -

FAA                Federal Aviation Administration

FHWA             Federal Highway Administration

FTA                Federal Transit Administration


- G -

GIS                 Geographical Information System


H - M

- H -

HTF                Highway Trust Fund (Federal)

HUTF              Highway Users Tax Fund (State)


- I -

IGA                 Inter-Governmental Agreement


- M -

MPO               Metropolitan Planning Organization


N - P

- N -

NEPA              National Environmental Policy Act

NFRT&AQPC     North Front Range Transportation & Air Quality Planning Council


- O -

OFMB             Office of Financial Management and Budget (CDOT)


- P -

PACOG           Pueblo Area Council of Governments

PPACG           Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments


Q - S

- Q -

QA/QC            Quality Assurance/Quality Control


- R -

ROW               Right of Way

RTD                Region Transportation Director, or Regional Transportation District


- S -

STAC               Statewide Transportation Advisory Committee

STIP                Statewide Transportation Improvement Program


T - Z

- T -

TIP                  Transportation Improvement Program

TPR                 Transportation Planning Region


- V -

VE                   Value Engineering


- W -

WASHTO           Western Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

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