Colorado State Senate Bill 19-239

About Colorado State Senate Bill 19-239

This legislation requires CDOT to examine “the impacts of technological and business model changes related to commercial vehicles, and…convene and consult with a stakeholder group to examine impacts of new transportation technologies and business models, identify means of addressing impacts and report findings, and make recommendations to the General Assembly.” 

Taxis driving

Colorado cannot continue to build its way out of congestion. Transportation funding is limited, there is a public health and climate imperative to reduce emissions, and the impacts of these emerging services can potentially add additional stress on our roadways. Tools identified in this study may offer solutions to help mitigate those impacts.

CDOT looked at incentives for emerging mobility providers to use electric vehicles. Secondly, CDOT looked at incentives to motivate people to share rides. 

Colorado Senate Bill 19-239

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Emerging Mobility Impact Study

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