Carpool and Vanpool


Carpooling consists of two or more people sharing a ride from their neighborhood to their place of employment. Using their own vehicles, carpoolers often share the responsibility of driving, or one drives and the passengers share the cost of gas and/or parking expenses.

Carpooling is most appealing for people who commute at least 10 miles and whose trip to work takes at least 30 minutes. Carpoolers can take advantage of numerous "Carpool/High Occupancy" lanes on 1-25 and Santa Fe in the Denver Metro area, and on roads around Colorado that offer those services.


Vanpooling provides an alternative to carpooling and public transportation by offering options on traveling by van. Vanpools are most successful when six to 15 passengers that live and work within a small radius of each other commute together.

Vanpools can be owned by the driver. They also can be sponsored by an employer or a third-party program sponsored by a public agency, such as Mountain Metro Rides, VanGo or Way to Go.


Denver Metro Area: Way to Go

North Front Range: VanGo

Colorado Springs: Mountain Metro Rides