Transportation Management Association (TMA) or Organization (TMO)

Transportation Management Associations and Organizations (TMAs and TMOs) are created solely as the organization responsible for the implementation of transportation demand management (TDM) programs and services in a community.

In the 1980s, TMAs began to emerge as public-private partnerships designed to address traffic congestion and air-quality problems in communities throughout the United States. More than 125 TMA operate today throughout the country, 8 of which are in Colorado.

The appeal of a TMA lies in multiple organizations and individuals banding together to address and accomplish more than any one government agency, employer, developer or resident could alone. The need for the TMA stems from the realization that each group has a great influence on transportation and air quality, and each group has important contributions to improving mobility and air quality.

The geographic scope of a TMA varies with each organization. Across the nation, one-third of all TMAs offer services region wide and one-fifth serve a central business district. The remainder serve suburban business parks, residential areas, transportation corridors and tourist venues.

TMA services also vary by organization. The most common services are rideshare promotions and member advocacy.


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