The mission of the Transit Program is to provide high quality financial, planning and management assistance to rural, specialized, and public transit systems across Colorado.

The Division of Transit and Rail

  • administers funds provided through the Federal Transit Administration (FTA);
  • works closely with eligible recipients of FTA funds, including rural, specialized, and public transit operators;
  • provides management and planning assistance to transit operators statewide, as well as to state, regional and local agencies and officials;
  • encourages coordination among state and local agencies which finance and support transportation services; and
  • promotes consideration of transit alternatives as part of a balanced transportation system.

Interstate Transit Services 

Greyhound, Amtrack, Arrow Stage Lines, and Burlington Trailways provide interstate transit service. These companies operate a number of regularly scheduled routes in over-the-road coaches, capable of seating 30-55 passengers that follow specific routes. A central, computerized passenger reservation center operates to ensure that complete information concerning bus station locations, fares, schedules and reservations is available from a single location.