CDOT is in the process of developing several guidelines for both design and devices to ensure consistency across the state of Colorado. Specifications always takes precedence to these guidelines. 

Variable Message Sign (VMS) Statewide Guidelines 

Looking at a VMS from the shoulder of the road with a guardrail running along the road.

This Quick Start Guide provides the operator with a quick summary of the required steps of the principles governing the use of Variable Message Sign (VMS) messages to ensure messages are used in a consistent and orderly manner statewide while adhering to Federal standards. Not all projects will follow this typical pattern. This Quick Start Guide addresses if and when exceptions or deviations from these guidelines can be
made in addition to the following:

  • When to Use VMS messages
  • Exceptions or Deviations
  • Prioritization of VMS Messages
  • Improper Use of VMS messages

VMS Guidelines