SEA Document Review

The ITS & Network Services Branch intends to do timely reviews of submitted SEA documents. To be more efficient and transparent with those submitting documents, the ITS & Network Services Branch has created review flow charts for each document. The flow charts only includes the positions who will be required to review the document. Depending on the content of the document, other positions may be pulled in to support the review as needed. 

Time Expectation 

The ITS & Network Service Branch has a goal of reviewing documents within two weeks of submission. This is just a goal and it possible review will take longer than two weeks due to length of document, high submission rates, or other unforeseen conditions. The ITS & Network Service Branch intends to keep project managers updated should review take longer than the expected two weeks. 

Review Flow Charts

Click on each document title to view the internal ITS & Network Service Branch review flow chart for each required SEA document.