SEA Document Submission

The new SEA process referenced on this page will be required starting September 1st, 2021. Use prior to this date is optional, but strongly encouraged.

The SEA documents build on each other. Therefore, submission order and timing is critical for the document to be beneficial. Should a document be completed too late in the project delivery process, there may be significant rework to accommodate comments. The submission order was structure to prompt discussion and identification of topics that need to be addressed at that particular design phase. 

SEA Document Flow  - V1.0 - 06.2021.jpeg

As the process is rolled out, there are several items to note for submission: 

If submitting before August 31st, 2021: 

The SEA will be housed in the Operations Evaluation Tool through August 31st, 2021. Projects submitted through the Operations Evaluation Tool through August 31st will go through the process established for the Operations Evaluation Tool. Projects who would prefer to go through the updated SEA process which is the process referenced in the above image are welcomed to used the revamped process, but must communicate this modification to the Operations Evaluation Tool SEA lead. Templates for the revamped process can be pulled from the SEA Document Page. Completed documents if choosing to follow the revamped process can be submitted to [email protected]. It should be noted, if project chooses to use the revamped process they will be required to complete the whole process. Doing select documents will not be allowed. Project should reference the above image for the submission schedule of documents.

If submitting on or after September 1st, 2021: 

Starting on September 1st, 2021, the SEA process will be housed in OnTrack. Templates and document submission will occur in OnTrack. The ITS & Network Services Branch understands though that not all of CDOT will be transitioned to OnTrack at that time. Templates will still be available on the SEA Document Page  and completed documents can be submitted to [email protected]. Once OnTrack is required throughout CDOT, email submission will no longer be allowed. In summary: 

  • If submitting after 9/1/21 AND your project is in PMWeb:
    • The SEA Assessment should be tracked and recorded as a deliverable within stage gates. If required, subsequent SEA forms would also be recorded here. 
  • If submitting after 9/1/21 AND your project is NOT in PMWeb:
  • After 1/1/22, all SEA forms will be tracked as deliverables within PMWeb stage gates for completion and forms will be completed directly within PMWeb as records.