Major Project Development

FrameworkThe Major Project Development program assists the Regions and High Performance Transportation Enterprise (HPTE) to more effectively and efficiently develop major projects through promotion of consistency in advancement, management, and oversight.

More specifically:

  • Support policy formulation and coordination of duties relative to major projects
  • Develop Best Management Practices for Department-wide consistency in the development and management of major projects
  • Assess the feasibility and development of financial plans for major projects in conjunction with HPTE
  • Manage the project development process for identified potential major projects
  • Provide technical assistance to other CDOT and HPTE staff

A major project meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • Greater than roughly $200M in construction costs
  • Involves public-private partnerships or other innovative financing requiring the statutory powers of the HPTE
  • Involves toll operations, technologies, and equipment
  • Has non-traditional or innovative contracting methods requiring or benefiting from the centralized management or expertise of the OMPD, to be determined by the Chief Engineer