Traffic & Safety Engineering

About Our Branch

CDOT's Traffic and Safety Engineering Branch exists to support CDOT's five regions, its headquarters divisions, and the greater transportation community in Colorado and the nation to achieve the safest and best operating transportation system possible for our customers. Our diverse team of problem solvers—made up of engineers, technicians, data professionals and support staff—provide services and consultation to our regions in many traffic engineering, operations, and safety areas such as:

  • signing;
  • striping;
  • markings;
  • speed limits;
  • school zones;
  • signals;
  • preventative safety treatments (guardrail, cable rail, fencing, safety edge, rumble strips/stripes);
  • pedestrian and bicyclist safety;
  • crash countermeasures;
  • traffic incident management;
  • bottleneck reduction;
  • access management;
  • intersection and interchange design;
  • traffic law and code;
  • and more.

We assist CDOT, other state agencies and local agencies in making data-driven, prioritized decisions by collecting and connecting vast amounts of data, analyzing it, providing safety performance mapping and analysis, and sharing it internally and statewide for use in CDOT strategizing and program and project development.

We facilitate statewide discussion and establishment of policies, procedures, standards, specifications, guidelines, best practices, strategies, and products that improve the safety and reliability of our transportation network.

We administer funded programs with the regions to deliver projects & strategies that improve the safety and reduce bottlenecks and other causes of congestion.  We further advise all CDOT projects on strategies every project can employ opportunistically to improve safety and operations.

Our team holds a vast amount of experience and expertise in the above areas, and we also have a vast network of experts we work with to learn and deploy the best practices possible—from FHWA's Division, Resource Center, and HQ to the AASHTO network of our nation's traffic engineering and operations professionals, to our local agencies, to the consulting and contracting associations and members, and with several others.

In summary, through data analysis, planning, and engineering, we work to prevent crashes and congestion from occurring and where they do, we use our knowledge and expertise, and the many strategies known to us to solve those issues for the BEST and SAFEST trip our customers expect and deserve.

Our Program Areas


Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP), FASTER Safety Mitigation (FSM) Program, Safety Analysis Information, Railroad-Highway Cross Protection Program


Access Management, Model Traffic Code, Speed Limits, School Zones, TSM&O Evaluation, Traffic Analysis & Forecasting Guidelines


Statewide Traffic Records Advisory Committee (STRAC), Fatal Analysis Reporting System (FARS), 405C Traffic Records Program (formerly 408), Accident Rates Books & Coding Information, Crash Data, Problem ID & Annual Reports


Approved Products List, Flagger Program, Memorial Sign Program, Project Sample Worksheets, Signing & Pavement Markings, Traffic Manuals & Guidelines, Traffic Specification Provisions, Traffic Standards, Work Zone Safety & Traffic Operations

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