Statewide Transportation Plan

What Is A Statewide Transportation Plan?

The Statewide Plan (SWP) identifies the future needs for Colorado's transportation system, establishes a transportation vision and goals for the state, and outlines the strategic direction necessary to achieve these goals. The Plan connects current and future funding realities with business practices and partnering efforts to deliver an effective and efficient transportation system that works for Colorado today and in the future.

The SWP serves to implement CDOT's Mission: To provide the best multi-modal transportation system for Colorado that most effectively and safely moves people, goods, and information.

There are several components to developing a SWP, including outreach for wide public feedback on regional and state priorities. Review the schedule for developing the SWP and regional plans so you can keep up to date on where CDOT is in the process.

Statewide Transportation Plan Logo

CDOT is proud to unveil its brand new logo for the Statewide Transportation Plan. Coloradans know that transportation matters; without it, we can't access the communities, jobs, and natural areas that make life in this state so wonderful.

It's important to have a multimodal, efficient and affordable transportation system that works for everyone, and the Statewide Transportation Plan logo reflects this fact. Learn more about the logo and its components.

Planning Process

Statewide Transportation Planning is required by federal and state regulations, and provides a direction and framework for decision-making at CDOT. The statewide planning process, with its extensive public involvement component, utilizes a broad spectrum of disciplines within the department, and provides guidance needed to develop innovative and informed approaches to decision-making.

These approaches support sound investment choices that promote responsible and effective use of taxpayer dollars. The Statewide Transportation Plan represents the people of Colorado's vision for the transportation system. Prepared by CDOT's Division of Transportation Development (DTD), this 20-year multimodal plan integrates Transportation Commission policies with input from a variety of stakeholders.

It also outlines the state's transportation needs from an unconstrained vision (if we had unlimited money) and a fiscally constrained perspective (based on the revenues we actually expect to have available).

Who Participates

Throughout the development of the Statewide Transportation Plan (SWP), CDOT works closely with a number of planning partners and key stakeholders in an effort to ensure that the final SWP reflects the priorities and addresses the needs of all Coloradans. These participants are highlighted below.

Transportation Planning Regions (TPRs): Colorado has established a grassroots planning process comprised of local elected officials and transportation professionals from non-urban areas of the state that serve on Regional Planning commissions (RPCs). These RPCs represent regional transportation interests in their respective areas, and play a central role in the development and approval of their respective Regional Transportation Plans (RTPs), and the SWP. The ten rural Colorado TPRs are:

Central Front Range

Upper Front Range

San Luis Valley





Gunnison Valley


South Central

Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs): Metropolitan Planning Organizations exist in urban areas with a population of 50,000 or more and are federally-designated entities responsible for transportation planning processes in their regions. There are five MPOs in Colorado whose metropolitan transportation plans are also integrated into the SWP. They are:

Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG)

Grand Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (GVMPO)

North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization (NFRMPO)

Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments (PPACG)

Pueblo Area Council of Governments (PACOG)

See a map of Colorado's MPOs & TPRs.

Native American Tribes: Colorado is home to two federally recognized sovereign Tribal Nations: the Southern Ute Indian and the Ute Mountain Ute. CDOT adheres to federal regulations that establish consultation requirements with Tribal Nations for statewide planning and works to integrate tribal transportation plans and needs into the SWP.

Environmental Resource Agencies: The complexities and hurdles faced in light of environmental stewardship needs as well as transportation needs highlight the importance of collaboration at the earliest stages of planning. CDOT's Transportation Environmental Resource Council (TERC) provides a forum for planning and resource agencies to look down the road and move forward in a coordinated fashion.

The Traveling Public: The ultimate beneficiaries of a well-planned state transportation system are the citizens of Colorado. Public participation is a critical element in developing both the Regional and Statewide Transportation Plans and one that allows individuals to gain an understanding of the issues at stake and make an impact on the decision-making process.

Ways To Get Involved

CDOT wants to know what's important to you so our Statewide Plans (SWP) emphasize the priorities of our customers: the traveling public. The Statewide Transportation Plan website will help the public to identify local transportation issues, and allow for online commenting and photo submissions to highlight local transportation problem areas. It also will contain an events calendar to find out when and where to meet CDOT at TPR meetings, and other outreach events.

Why Participate

If you use transportation, you should get involved. Transportation decisions must be revisited over time to ensure they still reflect transportation needs, include input from all Colorado stakeholders and are the best use of limited funding.

Keep up to date with the development of Statewide Transportation Plans and offer feedback by liking CDOT on Facebook, subscribing to our YouTube channel or following us on Twitter.

Contact Us

The Statewide Transportation Plan's success depends on the collaboration of all Coloradans. CDOT relies on your feedback and participation, so we want to hear from you.

Need more information about the Statewide Plan and how you can get involved in the planning process? Have a suggestion on how to improve the process? Contact us at 303-512-4012, or by email at

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