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As Team CDOT is getting ready for winter, so is COtrip! Users can not only turn on the Plow Tracker layer to see what routes CDOT snowplows are taking on, but now there are also the new snowplow nicknames on both the website and the COtrip Planner appTip: As trucks come online and offline, so will our celebrity snowplows (there's only 22). Access the list of names below!

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2021 Contest Winners

Thank You Students!

The first-ever Name That Plow Contest sponsored by the Colorado Department of Transportation and Governor Jared Polis is now complete. Thank you to all students who submitted such great ideas for names of our new fleet of snowplows!

View Photos of the 2021 Contest Winners

Thanks to the creative ideas of Colorado kids across the state, 20 new plows in the CDOT fleet will receive names as part of the inaugural Name That Plow contest. Those 20 winning names, which were chosen from more than 1,100 entries, are as follows:

Sprinkles Snowplow

Location: Pueblo

The Unsinkable Molly Brown snowplow

The Unsinkable Molly Brown
Location: Denver Metro

Abominable Snowplow

Location: Silverthorne

Zebulon Ice SnowplowZebulon Ice
Location: Southeastern Colorado

Snowtorious BIG snowplowSnowtorious B.I.G.
Location: Golden to Silverthorne

Arctic King snowplow

Arctic King
Location: Denver Metro

Bigfoot snowplow

Location: Denver Metro

Snowball snowplow

Location: Southwest Colorado

Blizzard Snowplow

Location: Northwest Colorado

Snow Crusher snowplow
Snow Crusher
Location: Greeley to Fort Collins

A snowplow edited to be wearing a beanie with a cheese logo, with arm holding a jar of cheese puffs while plowing the road of more cheese puffs. The snowplow's face, hands and snowplow blades are covered in cheese dust.

Cheese Ball
Location: Grand Junction to Silverthorne

Snow-way celebrity snowplow

Location: Denver Metro

No-Way Snow-Day Snowplow

No-way Snow-Day
Location: Pueblo

Plowzilla Snowplow

Location: Denver Metro 

Olaf Snowplow

Location: Grand Junction to Silverthorne

Eisenplower Snowplow

Location: Golden to Silverthorne

Fresh Plowder Snowplow

Fresh Plowder
Location: Greeley to Fort Collins

Darth Blader Snowplow

Darth Blader
Location: Golden to Silverthorne

Frosty Snowplow

Location: Greeley to Fort Collins

Jack Frost Snowplow

Jack Frost
Location: Grand Junction to Silverthorne

Mr. Snowtastic Snowplow

Mr. Snowtastic
Location: Denver Metro

Cold Rush Snowplow

Cold Rush
Location: Durango

Mr. Plow Snowplow

Mr. Plow
Location: Grand Junction to Silverthorne

“The creativity of Colorado’s kids shines through in this great group of names and we’re appreciative to all who offered their ideas in this first-ever contest,” said Governor Jared Polis. “When these plows and their drivers are hard at work in the years to come, we will all be able to keep track of their efforts on, or check for the name on the door the next time you see a CDOT plow on the road.”


About the Contest

The Colorado Department of Transportation is excited to announce its inaugural Name that Plow contest, kicking off in the spring of 2021! CDOT has teamed up with Governor Jared Polis asking elementary school students across the state of Colorado to submit their best and most creative name ideas for 20 brand new CDOT snowplows joining the current fleet of plows in 2021.

The contest was open to all elementary school students (kindergarten through fifth grade) in Colorado. Submissions were due by Friday, March 26 2021. CDOT in partnership with Governor Polis, we will review all submissions to identify the 20 winners by May 2021!


We can’t wait to see the creative snowplow name ideas submitted by our state’s stellar elementary school students! Please remember, parent/guardian permission is required to submit an idea.

The options are endless, and we want you to think big and reach for the stars! There aren’t too many rules, but we do have a few guidelines for your submission to be considered in the contest:

  • The name needs to be limited to 15 characters, one to two words so it will fit on the sticker
    • Example: Snowball or Snow Patrol
  • The name can't include your name
  • No profanity or inappropriate language

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