Colorado Remote Tower Project

The Project

The Project

The Colorado Remote Tower Project pioneers the next generation of air traffic control technology. This test project is the first to combine visual/camera input and radar/track-based input, allowing for control of air traffic at airports from a remote location.

The result of this project will enhance safety and efficiency at airports, while also reducing the construction and operating costs of a traditional air traffic control tower. 

The Project


The Project


The Northern Colorado Regional Airport (FNL) located in Loveland, Colorado was chosen as the initial test facility for the Colorado Remote Tower Project. FNL is Colorado's busiest non-towered airport with a wide mix of fixed-wing and helicopter traffic, making this airport an ideal test facility for remote air traffic control technology.

The Project


The Colorado Remote Tower Project is made possible through a strong public/private partnership developed between the Colorado Department of Transportation's Division of Aeronautics, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) Northern Colorado Regional Airport, and Searidge Technologies.

The Technology


The Colorado Remote Tower Project will employ leading-edge technology that will be the first of its kind to mesh both ground-based visual/camera data with aircraft radar/track-based data. This high-tech array will provide an enhanced level of efficiency and safety, while dramatically reducing the costs associated with the construction and staffing of a traditional air traffic control tower.

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