Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

Advanced mobility is not an idea for the future; it is here today. CDOT's RoadX program has been an innovator in pursuing the benefits that advanced mobility can bring to Colorado today. Advancements in technology make transportation safer and more reliable on a daily basis.

Connected technology enable vehicles and the transportation system infrastructure to communicate with one another, providing real-time updates to any accidents or obstacles coming up in a route. The benefits of connected technology are vast:

  • promotes more transportation options;
  • reduces in travel times;
  • creates efficient traffic management; and
  • mitigates impacts to the environment.

Vehicles with automated technology can perform designated functions for the driver, and when coupled with connected vehicle technology, they can bring tremendous safety and mobility benefits to our transportation systems. Examples of automated technology available today include but are not limited to:

  • adaptive cruise control;
  • forward collision-breaking;
  • automated parking;
  • lane-keep assist; and
  • steering assist.

The list of available features and the number of vehicles utilizing them are growing rapidly. Soon enough, vehicles on the road will have so many features available to them that a driver's involvement will be minimized to very mundane tasks like simply entering the destination.

Autonomous vehicles equipped with automated driving systems have the potential to operate without human involvement using advanced sensors and computers to navigate the roadway. Complemented by connected technology, these vehicles will receive and transmit real-time information at incredible speeds, enabling the most informed transportation system we have ever experienced.

Colorado has been a leader in providing an open environment for vehicles with high levels of automation and autonomy. The passage of SB 17-213 directed CDOT and the Colorado State Patrol to develop a process whereby autonomous vehicles equipped with automated driving systems that are not able to fully obey the laws of the road may be approved for testing in Colorado. 

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