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Current State of Colorado's Roadways

Colorado's population is booming—with 50 percent growth in the last 20 years and another 50 percent growth projected in the next 20. Couple that with some of the most congested metro roadways in the country, major statewide road maintenance, more than $13 billion in roadway crash costs each year and an annual funding gap of $1 billion, and our transportation future has significant challenges.

We can’t simply build our way out of congestion, nor will new lanes easily solve how we address the reality that in 2015, 546 people died in traffic-related crashes, and more than 3,000 were seriously injured, costing us time, money and immeasurable heartache. The monetary cost of all 2014 crashes in Colorado was $13.27 billion.

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Welcome to RoadX.

Bold thinking and bold actions drive progress.

RoadX will use 21st century technology and ingenuity to solve our current infrastructure challenges. Bold thinking and bold actions drive progress. That means smarter roadways with more informed drivers and, eventually, self-driving cars that can communicate with the roads on which they travel.

If it sounds like that future is far away, it's time to realize that transition is happening sooner than you might think. We've been flying to the moon since the 1960s; the time has come for transportation on this planet to make a giant leap.

Manual control of a vehicle is predominant today, but before a person born now reaches adulthood, that may no longer be true. Although we have many steps and years before the majority of us are in fully autonomous cars, much of that technology and data can help us all have a safer, faster commute today.

Through RoadX, here are just a few ways that CDOT will use technology:

  • Improved, localized driving, safety and navigation apps using real-time data
  • Connected vehicles and drivers with the capacity to "talk to" each other, helping to prevent accidents and speed the flow of traffic
  • Smarter trucking that moves goods and services more efficiently, for the benefit of communities and industry
  • Improved, smarter systems in infrastructure, like ramps that help improve the flow of traffic and decrease the need for additional lanes
  • Infrastructure like virtual guardrails that "talk to" cars to prevent and eliminate crashes

Along with an innovative transportation system, we will work to create a nimble policy structure that is capable of keeping pace with tomorrow's change.

We must envision and prepare for tomorrow, today. RoadX will take us there. It is the most important transportation undertaking in this decade and, when we do it right, perhaps this century.

Why Accelerate Technology
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RoadX Action Plan

RoadX cannot be CDOT working alone; we have neither the manpower nor all the solutions (yet). What we have is the vision and the drive to build partnerships to deliver innovative solutions.

We are tapping public- and private-industry innovators and advisors to help guide the integration of technology into Colorado's transportation system. That list of partners is already taking shape and will continue to expand as we grow.

RoadX will be paid for through CDOT's current operating budget. We won't ask you to pay more, but you'll get more. And what's even better: Developments in technology offer opportunities to achieve the same goals of safety and mobility with less capital.

In 2016, we have committed $20 million to kick-start RoadX, with the primary goals of technology-enabled congestion relief and safety improvements. Each year, as we see proven project benefits, CDOT will continue to dedicate funds to technology to keep Colorado moving forward.

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