Road Usage Charge

As a responsible transportation agency, the Colorado Department of Transportation is looking to evaluate more long-term, sustainable transportation-funding alternatives. CDOT is interested to learn if a road usage charge (RUC) could be relevant for Colorado.

In an RUC funding model, drivers pay for how many miles are traveled instead of the amount of fuel consumed. In order to really know if RUC is viable for Colorado, CDOT plans to test it through a pilot study. This is the first step in the extensive process of evaluating the concept.

What is a Road Usage Charge?

Assesses charges based on vehicle miles traveled
Treats roads like utilities (pay for what you use)
Replaces the gas tax
RUC is also known as Mileage User Fee (MBUF) and Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) Fee

How do we currently pay for our roads?

Gas tax is the main source of funding.
18.4 cents federal + 22 cents Colorado per gallon
The Colorado Legislature last raised the gas tax in 1991.
Gas tax is flat and does not change with the price of gas

Prices Vs Taxes
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