2017 Road Usage Charge Pilot Program

Pilot Program Overview

The four-month pilot ran from late fall 2016 to spring 2017, and included 100 participants from 27 counties across Colorado. The pilot successfully tested RUC technology on vehicles with various fuel efficiency and fuel types—gas, hybrid, electric—and demonstrated the feasibility of three mileage-reporting methods, including one manual and two technology options.

The pilot collected mileage data and simulated payments of a road usage charge while gathering feedback and ideas from the general public and participants through a series of surveys.

Key Takeaways
  • The pilot demonstrated RUC is feasible as an alternative transportation-funding mechanism.

  • While technology-based systems were highly accurate and more easily enforceable, the manual option experienced very low compliance over the course of the pilot.

  • The pilot used a number of media outlets, including a project website, newsletters, general media (such as press releases), and social media to educate participants as well as the general public on the current transportation funding model and the RUC concept.

  • Engagement included a diverse Technical Advisory Committee and Executive Steering Committee consisting of key transportation leaders throughout Colorado, resulting in the identification of policy-related issues not addressed in the pilot, and guidance for future transportation policy discussions.

CDOT will continue to evaluate key issues raised by the public, including rural/urban, private roads and out-of-state drivers. There will be continued research through the Surface Transportation System Funding Alternative (STSFA) grant program as well as continued education and outreach.