Statewide Transportation Plan (2045)

About the Plan

Every four years, CDOT takes a fresh look at Colorado’s transportation investment priorities and builds a transportation plan that helps deliver those priorities. While CDOT has delivered many of these plans over the years, for this plan – Your Transportation Plan - CDOT embarked on an effort to refresh transportation priorities based on firsthand input from residents and stakeholders across the state, creating a multimodal plan that is meaningful to every region of the state.

Your Transportation Plan is a vision document that outlines what we want to achieve across our transportation system over the next 25 years.

Download the Statewide Transportation Plan (English)


Corridor Profiles   Midpoint Report


Appendix A: Vision for Colorado's Transportation System
Appendix B: Midpoint Report
Appendix C: Transportation, Economic and Demographic Trends
Appendix D: Transportation System and Plan Integration
Appendix E: Corridor Profiles
Appendix F: Regional Transportation Plans
Appendix G: Performance Measures
Appendix H: Environmental Justice
Appendix I: Environmental Consultation
Appendix J: Statewide Transit Plan
Appendix K: Strategic Transportation Safety Plan

Statewide Transportation Plan

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