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Final Statewide Transit Plan
adopted March 2015

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Regional Transit Plans

Over the past 18 months—in partnership with transit providers, human service agencies and interested stakeholders—the Division of Transit and Rail (DTR) prepared Regional Coordinated Transit and Human Services Plans (Regional Transit Plans) for nine of the 15 Transportation Planning Regions (TPR) in the state. The South Central TPR developed its own Regional Transit Plan in April 2014.

These Plans were developed to meet all CDOT and Federal Transit Administration planning requirements for funding eligibility, and planning for Colorado's transit needs. They also serve as a foundation, along with the urban area transit plans, for Colorado's first Statewide Transit Plan. Each Plan will be integrated into the Statewide Transit Plan.

As part of the plan development process, DTR made these nine Regional Transit Plans available for a 30-calendar-day review and comment period that ended on Oct. 31, 2014. The final Regional Transit Plans are posted below, by TPR. Per federal regulations, the urban areas are responsible for developing their own Transit Plans. These include:

The Transit Plans for these areas are currently under development and at various stages of completion. These Transit Plans will become part of the areas' multimodal Regional Transportation Plan.

Regional Transit Plans & Appendices

Transportation Planning Region



Central Front Range Plan Appendices
Eastern Plan Appendices
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South Central Plan
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