C-470 Express Lanes

Project Facts

  • Location: 12.5 miles of C-470, from I-25 to Wadsworth Boulevard
  • Cost: $276 million
  • adding two westbound Express Lanes from I-25 to Colorado Boulevard, and adding one westbound Express Lane from Colorado Boulevard to Wadsworth Boulevard
  • adding one eastbound Express Lane from just west of the South Platte River to I-25;
  • fully reconstructing a portion of the existing pavement;
  • adding auxiliary lanes;
  • improving portions of on- and off-ramps to current standards (including ramp metering where appropriate);
  • realigning substandard curves;
  • making safety and operational improvements between I-25 and Quebec via direct-connect ramps from I-25 to the westbound C-470 Express Lanes;
  • widening existing bridges throughout the project area;
  • replacing the bridges over the South Platte River;
  • installing water-quality features where required;
  • installing noise barriers where required;
  • installing Intelligent Transportation Systems elements and tolling equipment; and
  • adding grade separations for the multi-use trail at Quebec and Colorado.

Current and Upcoming Work

Wadsworth to Santa Fe:

  • Traffic has been shifted onto new permanent concrete pavement and the newly constructed South Platte River Bridge eastbound between Wadsworth and Santa Fe.
  • Demolition of the old eastbound South Platte River bridge is complete.
  • Currently, the Mary Carter Greenway Trail at the South Platte River is open. Occasionally flaggers will post in that area to guide users when work is occurring.
  • Work on the north side of the eastbound South Platte River bridge is ongoing.

Santa Fe to Lucent:
Work includes:

  • drainage installation;
  • noise wall construction;
  • continued work on the Erickson bridge;
  • concrete paving; and
  • retaining wall construction near the Highline Canal Trail.

Lucent to Quebec:

  • Eastbound traffic has been shifted onto new permanent concrete pavement between Lucent and Quebec.
  • Concrete paving is ongoing.
  • Subgrade treatment is taking place.
  • Crews will complete guardrail and overhead sign installation, and drainage work.
  • Crews will do ITS work (light poles and tolling infrastructure in median).
  • Expect approach slab work at the Big Dry Creek bridge, and trail paving.

Quebec to I-25:
Work includes

  • earthwork;
  • drainage pond grading and pipe installation;
  • soil nail wall construction in I-25 interchange area;
  • ITS;
  • bridge work at Yosemite and Acres Green;
  • Willow Creek trail now open;
  • permanent barrier installation;
  • temporary asphalt paving in median and I-25 interchange;
  • installation of overhead signs;
  • trail paving; and
  • bridge column/abutment construction, girder set and bridge deck pour complete for new direct connect bridge near I-25 to westbound C-470;
  • Traffic shift on eastbound C-470 to open third lane between Yosemite off-ramp and I-25.

Lane Closures

  • Between 10 p.m. and 5:30 a.m. on Wednesday, December 26 and Saturday, December 28 between 12 a.m. to 8 a.m. westbound C-470 from southbound E-470, northbound I-25 and southbound I-25 to Quebec St will be closed to shift traffic in preparation for paving operations. To detour:
  1. NB I-25 to WB C-470 Take northbound I-25 and exit onto County Line Rd west. Continue on County Line Rd. to Quebec St. and turn left. Take Quebec St to the C-470 westbound on-ramp.
  2. SB I-25 to westbound C-470 Take southbound I-25 and exit onto Lincoln Ave. west. Continue on Lincoln Ave. to Quebec St. and turn right. Take Quebec St. to the westbound C-470 on-ramp.
  3. SB E-470 to WB C-470 Take southbound E-470 to southbound I-25 and exit onto Lincoln Ave. west. Continue on Lincoln Ave. to Quebec St. and turn right. Take Quebec St. to the westbound C-470 on-ramp.
  • Starting at 10 p.m. on Thursday, December 27 until 5:30 a.m. on Thursday, December 28, a full closure of the eastbound C-470 ramp to northbound E-470 will occur. The detour will be:
    1. Take the eastbound C-470 ramp to southbound I-25, exit Lincoln Ave.
    2. Take Lincoln Ave. east and continue onto northbound I-25.
    3. Take the ramp to northbound E-470.
  • From 10 p.m. Thursday, December 20 until 5:30 a.m. Friday, December 21, westbound C-470 from southbound E-470 to Yosemite St. will be closed again to shift traffic for paving. To detour:
    1. Take southbound E-470 to southbound I-25 and exit onto Lincoln Ave west.
    2. Continue on Lincoln Ave. west to Yosemite St. and turn right.
    3. Take Yosemite St. north to the westbound C-470 on-ramp.
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