Public & Agency Participation

The project teams that will help to inform this study are:

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Project Management Team (PMT)

The PMT will be comprised of CDOT and consultant team staff. This group will meet monthly to oversee the management of this study.

Technical Working Group (TWG)

The TWG will be comprised of engineering, planning, and environmental staff from CDOT and corridor jurisdictions. This group will guide the technical aspects of the project and will be called upon for specific input as needed. The TWG will meet at key milestones throughout the study—three to four times in the first six months. The members of the TWG will serve as the primary connection with their elected officials and community organizations.

Steering Committee (SC)

The SC will be comprised of elected officials representing each jurisdiction along the corridor. This group will review the PEL study’s analyses and recommendations to prioritize, plan, and implement corridor improvements. The SC will work cooperatively with CDOT to develop solutions that address the needs of corridor communities and other travelers. The SC will meet three to four times in the first six months.


This group includes individuals and organizations interested in the outcome of this study who/that are not represented on the TWG or PC. Some groups include: Chambers of Commerce of the jurisdictions involved, media representatives, homeowners associations, environmental groups, etc. The Stakeholder Committee will be kept informed of the progress of this project via email updates. Two meetings with the Stakeholder Committee are also planned during the first six months of the study.

Public Meetings

Two public meetings with the exact same information—one at each end of the corridor—will be held toward the end of the year. Their purpose is to introduce the PEL study, educate the public on the PEL process, and collect input about the vision for the study and potential transportation improvements.