Alternatives and Technical Information

Project Study Area

The I-70 Silverthorne/Dillon Interchange Project Team is currently in the process of developing, evaluating, and refining potential project alternatives.

To date, the Project Team has developed three potential interchange alternatives:

  1. Improved Diamond
  2. Single Point Urban Interchange
  3. Diverging Diamond

Roundabouts are being considered as an element in each of these alternatives; and the Project Team has developed additional options that may be incorporated into each of the alternatives as well, eastbound options and westbound options.

During the first phase of the I-70 Silverthorne/Dillon Interchange Project, the Project Team developed – with input from project stakeholders and the public – context-sensitive criteria by which alternatives will be evaluated. These criteria include feasibility-level criteria, which focus on eliminating alternative(s) that do not meet the project’s purpose and need or are unfeasible; concept-level criteria, which are used to compare alternatives and measure how well an alternative achieves the goals of the project; and detailed-level criteria, which serve as the final step in evaluating  alternatives.

The Project Team has taken each of the potential alternatives and options listed above through the first two levels of screening. Before moving on to detailed-level analysis, the Project Team will hold a Public Open House to share its findings with the public and gather input on the alternatives and options under consideration. Following the Public Open House, the Project Team will refine alternatives and options, perform detailed-level analyses, and develop one or more recommended alternatives.

The Project Team welcomes and will consider public input throughout the evaluation process and will continue to share its findings and recommendations.