Project Leadership Team

Mission of the I-70 Silverthorne/Dillon Interchange Project Leadership Team
The mission of the I-70 Silverthorne/Dillon Interchange Project Leadership Team is to deliver a multi-modal transportation project that is a model for the I-70 Mountain Corridor. We will respect community and environmental values while improving safety and mobility by engaging in an inclusive and transparent process that is widely supported and manages expectations. The PLT will champion the CSS process and demonstrate best practices in all respects.

Established Goals for the I-70 Silverthorne/Dillon Interchange Project
The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) will conduct a study of potential improvements to the Interstate 70 (I-70) interchange with U.S. Highway 6 (US 6) and State Highway 9 (SH 9), located in the Town of Silverthorne. The mission is to deliver a multi-modal transportation project that is a model for the I-70 Mountain Corridor.  Beginning in September 2010, the project will evaluate and recommend for further consideration alterative options that achieve the following preliminary or draft goals:

  • To deliver a project that is a model for the I-70 Mountain Corridor by enhancing mobility -- including multi-modal transportation system performance improvements -- while highlighting a successful collaboration between the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), CDOT, and local agencies, as well as how value may be generated from the Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS).
  • To develop an innovative interchange solution that is of appropriate scale; respects community values and environmental resources; meets all of the various stakeholders’ needs; and is consistent with adopted local plans, policies, and economic development objectives.
  • To embrace the I-70 Mountain Corridor Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) decision-making process while adhering to the overall corridor vision and core values. The project will demonstrate best practices in all respects.
  • To allow inclusive and transparent stakeholder involvement in the development and selection of alternatives facilitated by a strong, long-term intergovernmental team that manages expectations and allows “no surprises” so that the resulting project can be endorsed and “owned” by the community.
  • To improve local traffic flow on U.S. Highway 6 (US 6) and State Highway 9 (SH 9) and regional traffic flow on I-70, US 6, and SH 9, minimizing regional travel times while improving access to major activity centers and providing the appropriate balance of through traffic and local access needs with a long-term transportation vision in mind.
  • To include, consider, or not preclude future transit improvements -- including an Advanced Guideway System alignment and possible transit station.
  • To improve safety for motorists, transit riders, cyclists, and pedestrians within the project limits.
  • To identify, where possible, public and private-sector partnership opportunities to address aesthetics, access, maintenance, local road improvements, and private improvements.
  • To define flexible alternatives for interchange phasing, including early action opportunities, that can be built either in whole or in logical phases consistent with available funding and prioritized needs
  • To avoid, minimize, and mitigate adverse impacts to the local businesses and surrounding environmental resources -- ultimately improving existing conditions -- consistent with the intent of the CSS process and CDOT’s policies and practices. This will be a “self-mitigating” project, which builds the mitigation into the solution.
  • To deliver a project that is economically and physically feasible.
  • To incorporate sustainability principles and practices into the decision-making process and the design and construction of future improvements.
Project Leadership Team
  • Jim Bemelen – CDOT I-70 West Corridor Manager
  • Peter Kozinski – CDOT Region 1 Program Engineer
  • Tyler Weldon – CDOT Project Manager
  • Bill Linfield – Town of Silverthorne
  • Thad Noll – Summit County
  • Eric Holgerson – Town of Dillon
  • Peggy Long – Business Community Representative
  • Steve Swanson – Environmental Community Representative
  • Melinda Urban – Federal Highway Administration
  • R.A. Plummer – Consultant Project Manager
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