Questions and Requests for Clarification on the Requests for Qualifications

Q. Please reference RFQ section 3.3.1, 2nd sentence, in which the RFQ indicates that the organization chart "must show the functional structure of the organization down to the design discipline leader or construction superintendent level and must identify key personnel by name."

In section 3.3.2, Key personnel are defined as: Design-Build Project Manager, Design Manager, Construction Manager, and Environmental Compliance Manager.

We assume that the organization chart required in 3.3.1 should identify the structure of the organization down to the design discipline leader or the construction superintendent level, but doesn't necessarily have to define the exact personnel for these levels of the organization at this time. Only KEY PERSONNEL as defined in 3.3.2 will be defined by name at this time. Please confirm this understanding.

A. That is correct


Q. What is the "warranty" period referred to on page 3 of the RFQ?

A. The warranty period will be specified in the Request for Proposals Documents.


Q. Please refer to the RFQ Section 3.3.3 A. Minimum Requirements of Key Personnel, Design-Build Project Manager. The RFQ states that the Project Manager must be a registered professional engineer in good standing in the State of Colorado.

If the potential candidate proposed for Design-Build Project Manager has extensive experience in managing Design-Build work specifically, as well as experience in all areas as listed in the RFQ, can this requirement for a registered professional engineer be waived?

A. As stated in the email sent to Letter of Interest responders on October 17th, modifications to the Request for Qualifications dated October 9, 2008 were made on pages 10 and 11 in response to this question.


Q. In Section 3.7, Legal and Financial, the RFQ states: "The information required in response to Section 3.6 shall be submitted as Appendix B - Legal and Financial."

Note that Section 3.6 is DBE Participation. It is our assumption that this should read ".. in response to Section 3.7" (not 3.6). Please confirm this understanding.

A. While it is true that Section 3.6 is the DBE Participation section, submitters must include the information requested in Section 3.6 with their qualifications submittal in Appendix B - Legal and Financial.


Q. In the project meetings CDOT held with the Colorado Contractors Association, CDOT stated that lack of design-build experience wouldn't be a detriment to a prospective team and encouraged inexperienced firms wishing to enter the design-build market. But, requirements listed in RFQ Section 3.2 (Submitter Experience):

... Describe the experience (up to a maximum of four representative urban arterial or design-build projects) that the Submitter ... and each Major Participant has in managing, designing, and/or constructing similar projects. ... Describe the experience that could apply to the Project. In particular, describe experience in each of the following: ... Design and construction activity integration ...

and Section 3.3.3 (Minimum Requirements of Key Personnel), which states the requirement for the design-build project manager to have "at least five years of recent experience managing the design and construction of major urban arterial systems," seemingly would restrict someone without design-build experience from participating, and specifically restrict an individual team member from participating as design-build manager. Please respond.

A. In responding to Section 3.2.1 Submitter Experience, interested firms without specific design-build experience may list examples of relative experience with integration of design and construction such as participation in value engineering, constructability reviews, etc. Additionally, a change has been made to the second bullet in Section 3.3.3 A. Minimum Requirements of Key Personnel. Please see the attached Final RFQ, where changes have been shown in red.


Q. Does the required information on Form C (Summary Of Comparable Contracts In Past Ten Years), which asks a submitter to provide examples of a maximum or four projects per submitter and major participant, include a maximum of four examples for each member of a team, or a maximum of four examples in total for the team?

A. A maximum of four examples for each member of the team and for the team, if applicable.