I-25 North Express Lanes: 120th to Northwest Parkway/E-470

Express Lanes Open – Tolling Begins!

Thank you for your patience as we worked to deliver a project that increases mobility and travel choice along I-25 between 120th Avenue and Northwest Parkway/E-470 by building an Express Lane in each direction of a highway that connects downtown Denver to major growth in northern Colorado. Tolls begin on Friday, June 12, 2020 and will range from $1.05 to $2.25, depending on the time of day, with an Express Toll pass.

Here are details:

  • One toll will be charged for the entire section along I-25 between 120th Avenue and E-470 regardless of where you enter or exit. Note: Drivers will be charged a separate toll on the 120th Avenue to US 36 segment of the North I-25 Express Lanes.
  • Northbound I-25 Entry Locations (3): south of 120th Avenue, at 128th Avenue and at 144th Avenue
  • Southbound I-25 Entry Locations (3): north of 144th Avenue, at 128th Avenue and south of 120th Avenue
  • Only enter and exit the Express Lanes at designated locations denoted with a dashed white line. For your safety, do not cross the solid white lines.
  • Get a pass! ExpressToll saves money each trip. Visit www.expresstoll.com for more information.
  • HOV travelers must have a switchable HOV Transponder pass to commute in the Express Lanes for free. • Learn more here.

Project Background

In August 2011, CDOT completed a Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS), which identified and evaluated multi-modal transportation improvements for I-25, including the stretch between US 36 and Colorado Highway 7—among the most congested in the Denver metro area. (On average, 174,000 vehicles travel this stretch each day.) The FEIS' preferred alternative for the corridor increases safety, capacity and user choice.


  1. Spring 2016 - Fall 2018
    Crews focused on the outside portions of I-25 and completed ramp reconfiguration work.

  2. March 2019 to June 2020
    • Crews focused on the inside portion of I-25 and:
    • installed new concrete median barrier and lighting
    • incorporated tolling infrastructure for the new Express Lanes
    • made technology improvements
    • resurfaced the pavement with new asphalt
    • restriped the roadway
    • completed ramp work, including metering, to improve operations

Project Facts

  • Goal: Increase mobility and travel choice along a six-mile segment of I-25 by building an Express Lane in each direction of a highway that connects downtown Denver to major growth in northern Colorado.
  • Cost: $21.5 million
  • Timeline: March 2019 - summer 2020
  • Contractor: Graham Contracting Ltd.
  • Location: I-25 between 112th Avenue and Northwest Parkway/E-470
north i 25 express lanes


This project:

  • Added capacity and ultimately provided the choice of a reliable trip with the addition of one HOV/Express Lane in both directions of I-25.
  • Installed an auxiliary lane along northbound I-25 to connect the 136th Avenue on-ramp to the 144th Avenue off-ramp, which helps drivers merge more comfortably between the two interchanges.
  • Improved driving conditions by resurfacing the roadway.
  • Addressed necessary drainage and utility improvements along the corridor.
  • Improved technology.
  • Improved operations at ramps through traffic metering devices.

How to use Express Lanes

Express Lanes increase roadway capacity and help manage congestion on Colorado highways by adding lanes that provide a new choice to drivers. Motorists can choose to ride the bus, carpool or pay a toll to use the new Express Lanes as an alternative to the free, general purpose lanes.