Benefits of Improvements

Benefits to Through Traffic

  • Unconstrained lanes in each direction on Arapahoe Road will improve through traffic capacity
  • Auxiliary lane improvements along Arapahoe Road and Yosemite Street will improve traffic flow
  • Travel time on Arapahoe Road through the interchange complex (Greenwood Plaza Boulevard through Dayton Street) will decrease by 30 – 50% in 2035, compared to no action
  • Level of Service (LOS) will be improved by at least one grade for most intersections, improving travel times by up to 50% along Arapahoe Road through the interchange complex

Benefits to Ramp Traffic

  • Eliminating the existing bridge piers allows triple left turns from the I-25 off ramps
  • With the existing geometric constraints eliminated, large trucks can better negotiate the southbound I-25 to eastbound Arapahoe Road left turn
  • Southbound off ramp traffic will no longer queue into the I-25 through travel lanes, improving safety
  • Ramp LOS in 2035 is projected to improve to LOS B/C (compared to LOS C/F with no action)
  • Adding auxiliary lanes at the Yosemite Street and Boston/Clinton Street intersections will allow the ramp traffic to clear the interchange area

Benefits to Interchange Operations

  • Traffic signal timing will be optimized to maximize efficiency through the interchange
  • The substandard clearance of the existing I-25 bridge over Arapahoe Road will be corrected
  • Congestion will be reduced, lowering accident rates (nearly half of all accidents are congestion related)

Benefits to Walnut Hills Neighborhood

  • Two noise walls will be constructed adjacent to Walnut Hills to address traffic noise impacts
  • Landscaping along Arapahoe Road and Yosemite Street will enhance the physical environment
  • Sidewalks will be widened and detached when right-of-way allows to enhance accessibility and pedestrian experience
  • Improved traffic flow along Arapahoe Road may minimize traffic diverting into neighborhood
  • Potential to underground existing overhead utilities

Benefits to Businesses

  • Frontage road realignment to facilitate construction will improve access to the northeast quadrant of the interchange and provide opportunity for enhanced landscaping
  • A new northbound right turn lane on Yosemite Street at the Yosemite Circle intersection will better accommodate truck access into the northwest quadrant of the interchange