I-25 North Design Build (Colorado Springs)

Briargate Parkway InterchangeThe purpose of the I-25 North Design Build project is to improve safety and increase capacity, by providing a minimum of six through lanes for Interstate 25 at the north end of Colorado Springs between the Woodmen Road Interchange (Exit 149) and the Monument Interchange (Exit 161). CDOT’s ultimate goal is to provide eight lanes (four lanes in each direction) through Colorado Springs, to north of the Briargate Parkway Interchange (Exit 151), and six lanes north to the Monument Interchange (Exit 160), consistent with the I-25 Environmental Assessment (EA).

A majority of the CDOT I-25 North Design Build project is on an easement from the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA).  The USAFA was a cooperating agency in the development of the I-25 EA.  The I-25 EA mentions the USAFA concerns and commitments that need to be followed for any improvements to I-25 on USAFA property.  The concerns are briefly mentioned below and more detailed information can be found in the I-25 EA regarding commitments to these listed concerns:

  • Security ConcernsAir Force Academy
  • Visual Impacts
  • Airspace Issues
  • Historic Issues
  • Threatened and Endangered Species
  • Wildlife and Vegetation
  • Safety Concerns
  • Ackerman Overlook
  • Multi-Use Trails
  • Noise
  • Water Resources
  • Construction Impacts

The budget for this project is anticipated to be $60-66 million, and the intent of CDOT is to maximize the following project goals:

1)  Alleviate corridor congestion with expansion and augmentation of other transportation elements

2)  Minimize the effects of the project to the surrounding natural environment.

3)  Reduce project impacts on travelers

4)  Complete the Project by November 16, 2014