Corridor-Wide Improvements

The eastbound I-70 Peak Period Shoulder Lane (PPSL) project is part of a comprehensive set of solutions to reduce congestion and improve safety in the I-70 Mountain Corridor. Among the other recent and near-term improvements that will help the corridor are widening and expanding the Twin Tunnels’ (Veterans Memorial Tunnels) eastbound bore to three lanes (completed in December 2013) and widening the Twin Tunnels’ (Veterans Memorial Tunnel) westbound bore (completed in December 2014).

Other improvements that have been prioritized for implementation in the corridor when funding is secured include studying and implementing a westbound Peak Period Shoulder Lane and making a number of improvements to westbound I-70 from Floyd Hill to Idaho Springs.

Once CDOT implements these projects more progress will have been made to improve this section of the I-70 Mountain Corridor than has been accomplished in decades.

This is all part of much larger plan to solve the I-70 issues in a cooperative, consensus-based manner. In June 2011, the U.S. Department of Transportation issued a Record of Decision (ROD) outlining a number of actions to address I-70 congestion and provides a path forward to improving mobility along the corridor.  Numerous projects along I-70 have begun and are working cohesively with one another in an effort to realize the vision for a more efficient I-70.

To learn more about other projects in the I-70 Mountain Corridor, visit CDOT’s I-70 Mountain Corridor Project webpage.