US 160 & CO 172 to Gem Village

Field Activity

CDOT is gathering data for planning purposes. The information will be used to assess the feasibility of a potential future roadway and safety-improvement project along the US Highway 160 corridor from the Colorado Highway 172 junction to Gem Village (mile points 91 — 101).

Crews surveyed at the west end of the corridor near Elmore's Corner on Friday, July 15, 2016. Surveying continued east along US 160 toward Gem Village into winter 2016.


CDOT is exploring the feasibility of safety improvements along US 160 between CO 172 and Gem Village. The survey will provide the information necessary to plan for needed roadway developments. Planning options may include resurfacing, additional lanes and widening of shoulders. These potential enhancements would improve travel and safety for motorists on the road.

The final scope of the project will be determined as funding becomes available.