Denver & Silver Plume Bridge Pad Repairs

Project Facts

  • Cost: $1.3 million
  • Timeline: February – November 2019

120th Bridge over I-76 view from hwy.JPG

120th Bridge over I-76 view from hwy.JPG

120th Bridge over I-76.JPG

120th Bridge over I-76

Silver Plume Structure.JPGSilver Plume Structure.JPG

Structure near Silver Plume

The goal of this $1.3 million maintenance project is to repair the structure and improve safety of nine bridge across the metro Denver area and in Silver Plume.  

Work on this project includes:

• Repairing bridge bearing in three bridges
• Abutment and bridge rail repair in one bridge
• Sandblasting, painting and sealing one bridge
• Repairing slope paving and debris removal on a bridge
• Anchor bolt and spall repair on a bridge, and 
• Removing trash and organic waste from tub girders and providing a new access point to these girders. 

The impacted structures are:

  • F-14-M on Water St. near I-70 (MP 225.1/ Silver Plume) in Clear Creek County 
    • F-15-CI on US 40 at MP 2791.1 (I-70 and Genesee) in Jefferson County 
    • E-16-JJ on CO 58 at MP 5.4 (CO 58 and I-70) in Jefferson County 
    • E-16-NJ on I-70 at MP 273.4 (Pecos and 48th) in Denver County 
    • E-17-UP on I-70 at MP 274.5 (I-70 and Washington) in Denver County 
    • E-17-IH and E-17 II on I-270 at MP 1.7 (I-270 and Brighton Blvd) in Denver County 
    • E-17-UT on I-225 at MP 12 (I-70 and I-225) in Adams County 
    • E-17-UG on 120th over I-76 at MP 17 in Adams County 


Crews will work weekdays (Monday-F
riday) from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., with the anticipated completion date in November 2019.