Construction Updates

CDOT is always working to keep the C-470 Corridor safe. Ongoing maintenance and construction make that possible.

Project Description: Placement of wire rope safety fence in the median
The Wire Rope Safety fence project from Broadway to Quebec is finished. It was constructed in fall/winter 2015. It was a night job with left lane closures in both directions. PROJECT COMPLETED

Another Median cable rail project will take place from Broadway to Wadsworth (Project #15552) and is in the early stages, with an Ad date of 6/29/06. This project will be a night job as well, with left lane closures in both directions during construction.

Project Description: Ramp Improvements to C-470/I-70 Interchange
Project Limits: C-470 /I-70 Interchange
Time Frame: March 2005
The following ramps were built:
C Ramp which is the existing NB C-470 to EB I-70 relocated
E Ramp is a new ramp for SB C-470 to WB I-70
F Ramp is also a new ramp for EB I-70 to NB C-470

Project Description: Ramp Metering
Project Limits: SB Santa Fe to WB C-470
Time Frame: Summer 2004
Existing EB I-70 to SB C-470 widened

Project Description: Resurfacing (night job)
Project Limits: C-470 Ken Caryl to Wadsworth
Time Frame: Early September 2003

Project Description: Ramp metering
Project Limits: Westbound at Quincy, Bowles, University and Broadway
Time Frame: Summer 2003